Thursday, September 6, 2012

Alice in New York City

I'm pretty obsessed with Alice in Wonderland.  I own multiple copies of the book and took a class in college mostly because it was on the syllabus (and because I was not so secretly in love with the professor).  When I was little, I watched the Disney movie almost every day and can still recite the whole thing.  I also used to spend hours alone in the woods looking for a white rabbit. I was an interesting little girl. Sadly, my childhood was DESTROYED when Tim Burton made that atrocity in 2010. That movie was not Alice in Wonderland, my friends. It was more like The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe meets the Mad Hatter. I think Tim Burton got Lewis Carroll and C.S. Lewis confused. I know they have similar names but they're pretty different, Tim.

Showing how much I care about the Sox this season
by wearing an Alice shirt to Fenway.

I had a very Alice in Wonderland time when I was in New York last week. Patrick had to work for a few hours one of the days I was there, so I had time to explore the city on my own. My primary objective was to find the famous Alice statue in Central Park and instagram the shit out of it. Luckily, I also found a British girl with the coolest hair ever and asked her to take a picture of me. She had an awesome camera, so I assumed she would do a good job. And she did:

I also went to Alice's Tea Cup, where I met up with my internet friends, Kim and Katie. Let me just say that I love telling people I have internet friends. They usually give me concerned and shameful looks when I do so, but that's only because they don't understand how cool it is to have internet friends.

Kim is only sort of an internet friend, though. I've known her for a long time but hadn't seen her in years until last weekend. However, if it weren't for Facebook and our mutual interest in Game of Thrones and cats, we may have never met up again. Katie, on the other hand, is a legit internet friend. We read each other's blogs and sometimes tweet at each other, but had never seen each other in person until our brunch date at Alice's Tea Cup. I have to say, after countless internet dates, meeting a blog friend in real life felt totally normal. In fact, it was much better than an internet date, since I didn't have to worry that either of the girls would try to have sex with me. I generally spend the majority of any date worrying that the guy is going to try to touch me at some point. So, that's something.

Internet friends!

But yeah, my platonic internet brunch date with Kim and Katie was fantastic. Alice's Tea Cup is adorable (although not as well-decorated as Upstairs on the Square) and makes a damn fine scone. I chose the pumpkin scone in honor of September 1st and my love for all things pumpkin and fall. We also drank approximately 4 pots of tea and got kicked out of the restaurant because we were there too long. See how much fun internet friends are? You should get one.


After brunch, Kim took me to ride the "tram" over to Roosevelt Island. Now, when Kim said "tram," I thought cute little trolley thing that might drive over a bridge but is always, always on the ground.  Had I known that I would be traveling THROUGH THE AIR over a body of water, I probably would have said, "no thank you." Instead, I spent the ride trying not to cry and holding on to one of the poles in the middle of the tram just in case it broke off the cable and we plummeted into the ocean, since, of course, holding onto the pole would protect me.


Tram ride and hundreds of dollars later, I said goodbye to my friends and got on a bus to go back to Boston, where I am currently living like a peasant in hopes of rejuvenating my bank account.  At least when Alice got back from her adventure, she wasn't poor. I should go back to playing in the woods. That shit is free.

SpaghettiOs in an Alice bowl. Water. Poverty.


  1. I LOVE internet friends. Those two in particular. When I met them IRL the first thing I heard was Kim gleefully declare "Ellie's drunk!"

    And I was.

    No scones, still very good times.

  2. I'm all for the SpaghettiOs with meatballs, for richer or poorer.

  3. I'm going to feel guilty about the Tram Incident '12 for the rest of my life.

    But other than that, SO MUCH FUN. SCONES.

  4. Also, agree to disagree on Burton's Alice, right?


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