Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Single Mom Guilt

I've been feeling like a dead-beat mom lately and it's really starting to wear on my mental health. I've gone away a lot recently, sometimes leaving Boo alone for multiple days. Other days, I stay out late and come home drunk. When he acts out, I can only assume that it's my fault.




But it's so hard being a single mom. I work 40 hours a week, sometimes more. I gotta pay the bills and buy that canned food he really likes -- they don't give WIC for cats. Also,  I'm really trying to find Boo a daddy, and that requires lots of drinking socializing.  Everything I do, I do for him!  But I don't think he sees that. 

This morning, I felt so guilty about leaving him again, I showered him with treats and toys and catnip. But I could still see the resentment in his eyes as I was walking out the door. You can't buy love, no matter how much you spend. This must be what the Kardashians feel like. 


  1. I have to know if your cat's USA costume was made in China or not. IT MATTERS. Apparently.

  2. I will look when I get home, but I honestly can't decide which would be more American.


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