Friday, June 22, 2012

Still Talking About Dragons

So my birthday has come and gone. It's weird that none of you sent me cheese or wine or cheese, but whatever. My lovely roommate did shower me with gifts, including, but not limited to, a dragon bookmark and also this:

She knows me so well.

I'm waiting for the most perfect moment to grow my dragon. I will name it Khal Drogo.

Anyway, I spent my birthday at one of my friends' wedding. It was absolutely fantastic. An open bar on my birthday? Don't mind if I do. And I did. A lot.

Not sure why.

This resulted in me throwing up in the hotel bathroom. There was a brief period of time that followed during which I thought I was going to die underneath one of the dinner tables, but then I bucked up and returned to the dance floor with a vengeance. That was the first time in my entire life that I ever booted and rallied.  I did the running man in heels to "Call Me Maybe." I danced 8th-grade-style with strangers. I feel surprisingly sprightly at age 26.


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