Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Land of the Free

Since it was Memorial Day yesterday, Boo and I celebrated our freedom. I slept until 9:30 and then drank 3 cups of coffee while watching She's the Man on ABC Family. Boo celebrated by exploring the great outdoors.

Freedom. On a leash.

Okay, so before you judge me for putting my cat on a leash, consider the fact that he now lives in a basement apartment and can't reach any of the windows to look outside. He is a prisoner in his own home! The only solution was buying him a harness and a leash. Obviously.

Boo kept up with the military theme of the day by army crawling across my lawn. I think he was a little nervous.

After Boo's walk, I took one of my own (sans cat). One day he will be able to join me outside of the yard. And on that day, I will lose any amount of hope I had left.

Someone marry me.

Anyway, during my walk, I watched this couple place American flags along the Minute Man trail. It was a very patriotic day.


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