Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Election Time is Gay

I'm going to refrain from getting all political on everyone, but I'm sure, if you know me at all, you know my stance on gay marriage. On that note, this is one of the most absurd things I have ever seen:

How incredibly false, sensationalized, and gross is this headline? Journalism has become so pathetic and shameful (see: my Open Letter to ABC), and, unfortunately, I feel like it's getting worse and worse every day. How can anyone make an informed decision when the information they are getting is so ridiculously biased and inaccurate? No wonder our country is so polarized (read: inert).

Okay, so maybe I am going to get all political, but it's hard to help it. This time of year (election time) makes me so sad and scared. And sometimes hopeful. But mostly sad and scared.

Also, I'm not ready to eat jelly fish.


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  2. I should note that I think this cover and headline is an allusion to the fact that Toni Morrison referred to Bill Clinton as the nation's "first black President" because he displayed "almost every trope of blackness..." Which is to say, I don't think that Newsweek was implying that Barack is gay because he supports gay marriage, but rather that his championing gay marriage was a landmark step forwards (and that while we have never had a gay president, a president's willingness to support gay marriage is a step in that direction).

  3. Thank you for your comment and I think you raise an interesting point. I hadn't drawn the connection between the headline and Toni Morrison's quote.

    I also don't believe that Newsweek was implying that our president is gay; however, I still think the headline is a misrepresentation of what he said last week.

    While I'm very happy that our president is supporting human rights--believe me, I was thrilled about his statement--there has been no policy changes behind it. Perhaps that will come in the future (hopefully), but for now, nothing has changed. And the only way we can make change happen is if we unite and/or compromise. I think this headline plays a part in further disconnecting people from either side of the political spectrum.


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