Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dream Weaver

Tomorrow night, I will give my final presentation and be finished for this semester. And, this weekend, I'll move into my new apartment. Then, I will have a life again. Perhaps I'll even resume blogging as well. Who knows.

Until then, this is all I have the time and energy to say:

Last night, I had a dream that I had polio. I went to a witch doctor to see if she could cure me and, while I was there, she gave birth to a spider that hatched and became Margaret Cho dressed in a purple Snuggie.  The only part of this dream I can explain is the Snuggie, and that is because I recently found one in my apartment and proceeded to pimp that shit out on my couch for 4-6 hours.


On that note, whoever it is that left that Snuggie at my house, please reclaim it. Or maybe don't. I actually kind of love it (sad, but true).

Anyway, if you have any insights about the rest of that dream, please share. I'm pretty concerned for my mental health.


P.S. Thank you all SO much for offering to help me move!!!! See you on Saturday at 2 p.m.


  1. katie, that's your current and future (eternal?) roommate's snuggie. it was a splendid christmas gift from the ever-thoughtful rachel ratner. you're welcome. please pimp on.

  2. To dream of a spider denotes that you are being ignored and overlooked by others. Perhaps you feel that it is best to avoid someone or something that will only influence you negatively. The spider also represents female strengths and intensity. It may be implying that there is some entity trying to keep you safe from your own actions.

    To dream that you are giving birth to a non-human creature could symbolize anxieties you hold regarding a task or obligation that you are in charge of. I see it, if you did not get the help you need moving, you are anxious and feeling IGNORED!

    Good to see you at Mikey's. Hope you have a moving crew!!


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