Wednesday, April 25, 2012


A lot of people have recommended that I start watching "Girls," so last night I did. I'm sorry to report back  that I do not like it. In fact, I think it's downright awful. Every character on that show is an idiot. Every single one.

Young privileged white girls.

The most upsetting thing about this show is that some of the people who recommended it to me said they did so because the show reminded them of me. After watching it, I now find that insulting. I don't ever want to be compared to any of the characters in that show.

For those of you who don't know me, and who perhaps watch the show, let me make something clear: I am not a spoiled brat who's "struggling" because her parents are no longer willing to finance her dream life in NYC, nor do I sleep with shitty guys because I have low self-esteem. The only thing I have in common with anyone in that show is that I like to write. You know who else liked to write? Carrie Bradshaw. She, too, was a total idiot who slept with total idiots and then "couldn't help but wonder" about her shallow life. That made for a very successful HBO series, and I'm sure the plot-line of "Girls" will, too.

Older privileged white girls.

Now, if you like the show, that's great.  Just because I hate it doesn't mean I expect that everyone else should, too. You might hate the things I watch. You might think I'm a total asshole for spending hours watching sports and then crying about them. That seems fair.  All I ask is that you don't think of me when you watch "Girls."  Thank you.


  1. Did you manage to struggle through the second episode too? The entire internet hated the first episode, even if for stupid, race related reasons. Lena Dunam does not do a good job of making viewers love her characters. But she shouldn't have to. Hannah is her alter ego, so maybe she tried to hard to make her awful.

    Writers who have seen the first few episodes seem to think that the 2nd ep is a better depiction of what the show and those girls are really about. It doesn't especially soften our view of them. What it does is sharpen what we can see of them and their world.

    The only parts that made me think of you were Dunam's character's hilarious interaction with Mike Birbiglia in the job interview, and then with the gyno. The Office level awkward.

    If anything, watch the last scene of the second episode so you understand why it would be hilarious to dub the final scenes of GoT with Girls. I don't ask much.

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