Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cookie Butter

I have a blogger crush on Katie Levans from Sweet Tater Blog. I'm obsessed. I read her blog every day. I comment all of the time. I follow her cats on Facebook. It's intense.

Katie writes about "food, fitness, etc." and, most importantly, cats. And though our blogs are very different, I feel like we have a lot in common. Like, I think if we lived in the same city, we'd be friends. Maybe our cats would even hang out. Am I taking this too far? Whatever.

If you read food blogs as much as I do, you may have heard of something called "cookie butter." Let me say that again: Cookie. Butter. Generally, when I hear the word "butter," I think "must have immediately, if not sooner." And when you put "cookie" in front of that, I start sweating.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find cookie butter in any of my local stores. This made me sad. And one day, when Katie mentioned cookie butter in her blog, I commented about how sad I was.

A couple weeks later, I received a package in the mail containing a jar of the infamous cookie butter from Miss Sweet Tater herself. I immediately opened it and started eating it straight from the jar.  If there is one thing that defines my relationship with peanut butter, it's that I often eat it with my fingers. And sometimes I do this at work. And sometimes my coworkers see me. At least this time, I was dignified enough to eat the cookie butter with a spoon.

Cookie. Butter.

So, cookie butter, or "speculoos" as it's called, basically tastes like ginger bread cookie spread. I think it's phenomenal. And, obviously, I don't feel any need to put it on anything; it's fantastic all on its own. However, after a few handfuls, I decided to dip pretzels in it, which was... well let's just say that my verbal reaction was, "oh fuck, that's nice."

But while cookie butter is indeed magical, it will never ever take the place of peanut butter in my life. I need you all to know that. I also would like you to know that last weekend I ate a burger with peanut butter on it and it was a revelation.

That is all.

Thank you, Katie.


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