Thursday, March 8, 2012

¡Vamos a hablar en español!

I'm going to Spain mañana!  Wee. ¡Estoy muy emocionada!

This is the Spanish flag.

This will be the first time I ever leave the continental U.S. I know, I know - you can't believe I've never left the country! Oh my god, that's so weird! Oh my god!

It's really not, actually. Some people haven't been able to afford to travel abroad. Some people still can't afford to travel abroad but are going to do it anyway because it's about god damn time. Priorities.

Anyway, in preparation, I've been practicing my Spanish. I'm visiting my friend, Steph, who told me I'll be fine because I was in Spanish Honors. Well, that was approximately 8 years ago; so, needless to say, I'm pretty rusty. 

I decided the best approach, given my limited amount of time, was to focus on learning the essentials. I also purchased this helpful manual to carry around with me:

Practical purchase.

Here is what I have down so far:

Biographical information:
Me llamo Katie. My name is Katie.
Tengo veinticinco años. I am 25.
Yo soy Americana. I am American.
Pero, no soy un agujero del culo. But, I am not an asshole.
Yo broma, yo soy. Just kidding, I am.

Important questions:
¿Dónde está el bar? Where is the bar?

Me gusta comer. I like to eat.
Me gusta beber, tambien. I also like to drink.

Typical sayings:
Estoy hambrienta. I'm starving.
Me estoy muriendo. I'm dying.
Estoy re-mal de filo. I'm fucking hungry.

I think I'll do well. ¡Adiós, mis amigos!


  1. hahahahahahah MUERTO MURIENDO MUERTO!!

  2. hahaha. have so much fun!

  3. This seems so exciting! I was perusing blogs on blogger and happened upon yours. Best of luck on your trip! It will be an amazing experience.


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