Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly on the Plain

I actually think that's pretty true. When I was there, it was sunny and 70 every day, and I was told that it hasn't rained in Spain in months. However, I did notice some grassy fields during my train/bus rides between cities.

On that note, the train ride from Caceres to Madrid felt like a roller coaster ride in hell. For roughly two hours, I experienced sheer terror.

This is what sheer terror looks like.

The area between Caceres and Madrid is mostly mountains and farms. If we werent crossing some tiny bridge (probably built in the 19th century) between mountains, then we were in a tunnel driving through one. At one point I looked to my left and just saw clouds. While the train was wrapping itself around the side of the mountain, I was clutching the arm rest for dear life, as if that would do anything.

You see, I don't like heights. You might think that's ironic since I love skiing, which involves going to the top of a mountain, strapping blades onto your feet, and speeding down. But, I usually cling to the bar on the chairlift until it's absolutely necessary to lift it.  I'm generally terrified of being up high. Remember my experience in Disney World? I literally sobbed on the Tower of Terror.

No es divertido.

But at least in Disney World, I had someone to hold my hand. Unfortunately, this time, I had no ally. I was just surrounded by a bunch of Spaniards reading and playing on their phones as if we were not on top of a fucking mountain. Meanwhile, I was silently panicking, but decided that crying wouldn't have been received well, so I held it all in. 

I thought for sure I was going to throw up, but thankfully I did not. Especially since I can speak approximately six words in Spanish and none of them would have helped me explain that. "Umm, lo siento... Como se dice vomit?"


  1. i will always hold your hand, my darling dear.

  2. i just don't know why you have to keep your love/comfort anonymous?


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