Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Well, my friends, as you may have noticed, my blog looks a bit different today. No more La Petite Critique. 

The thing is, I thought "La Petite Critique" was cute and charming and witty until I realized that there are about 1,000 other petite critiques to be found on Google. That shit was played out, so I had to use something a bit more original. 

In case you were wondering where "i'm your katie que" comes from, I'll let you in on a little secret: When I was young and dumb, my AIM (remember that?!) screen name was "imyoursexbunny." Classy, right?

Not so much. 

Oddly enough,  joining a sorority made me realize how slutty that screen name actually was. And not because I was slutty --no no. I was as chaste as a 12-year-old... well, before Teen Mom was cool at least. 

Anyway, I remember introducing myself to my new "sisters," and since AIM was a major form of communication back then, they pretty much immediately asked me for my screen name. The moment the words came out of my mouth was the moment I realized that it was  not only completely inappropriate, but also entirely untrue. I don't even know how that screen name came to be in the first place. I was no one's sex bunny. Seriously, not one person's. 

Also, what the fuck is a sex bunny anyway? Apparently this, according to Google:

Please don't ever associate me with this image.

Needless to say, imyoursexbunny had to go. But for some reason, I was afraid of changing it, as if somehow I would lose my identity if I had a different screen name. So I just modified it a bit, and ultimately, it became what it is today--much more appropriate and also a little bit ethnic.

Clearly, I've grown up a lot since college. Now, I'm a mature 25-year-old woman with a mature internet identity who binge drinks boxed wine and breads her cat

Welcome to my renovated blog. I hope you still like it. 


  1. I will NEVER EVER EVER forget the day I met you and was getting the phonetree list and you told us that. I knew I'd like you from that day forward. That day will always hold a special place in my heart. Keep writing sex bunny, you've got talent :)

  2. "i got my roommate assignment for college."
    "omg you did! have you talked to her yet? what's she like?"
    "well. her screenname is imyoursexbunny. so, i'm a bit nervous?"

    little did we know that roommate assignment led us to be best friends. oh and roommates for 6 years. disquisting.

  3. Omg so rude I was gonna say disguisting


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