Thursday, February 9, 2012

No One Likes a (Green) Giant.

Have you ever seen that Green Giant commercial that says you can now eat your vegetables with sauce and not feel guilty about it? It's pretty awful, and it also makes me wonder if anyone ever felt guilty about it before. I know, according to the media, I am supposed to feel guilty about eating chocolate and ice cream and food, but I never knew vegetables were bad too. 

Apparently they were. That is, until Green Giant saved the day with its low-cal cheese sauce. In the commercial, a woman (of course, because women are the only people who diet or need to diet and who have to sit and eat fucking vegetables without sauce or they'll get fat and die and no one will like them ever) is happily eating a tiny plate of broccoli and sauce. There's nothing else on the plate. That's all. A half cup of broccoli and some watery "cheese" sauce. And she's smiling about it. 

Listen, this bitch is either on serious drugs or getting paid a shit ton* to pretend that she's actually satisfied with this bullshit meal.  Take it from someone who used to eat Green Giant vegetables for lunch every day. Those were the worst days of my life. MY LIFE. And not because I felt guilty about the sauce, but because I was fucking starving.

I could get more feminist about this, but I'm not going to do that because that's not the purpose of this blog (there's a purpose?), and because I still strive to be a housewife. But the fact that women feel like they have to eat a 60 calorie meal so that they don't feel guilty about eating in general is fucked up.

*legitimate unit of measure. 


  1. she also has a lonely glass of tap water with her small dish of vegetables with sauce. looks really satisfying. act like she doesn't binge eat snacks* approximately 3 minutes after finishing.

    *pretzels, peanut butter, bran flakes...

  2. i agree with the green giant! theyre misfest2012

    the way i feel about being told im a bad gay and i should behave a certain way is probably the same way feminists feel about your view that the womans place is actually in the kitchen haha

  3. katie, don't forget the cottage cheese.


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