Thursday, February 23, 2012

Namaste, or whatever.

Last night, I went to my second yoga class. It was much better than my first yoga class, which was simply terrifying.

Yoga cat.

For one thing, my first yoga class involved a lot of moaning. Not just like loud breathing, which apparently is common in any yoga class, but like full-on moaning. Is this normal? I didn't think so.

Also, since I took it at a gym, I was surrounded by mirrors. This was unpleasant as I never really want to see myself contorting my body into uncompromising positions. 

But the worst part was at the end of class when we laid under Mexican blankets and took a 15 minute nap. There I was, on a Friday night at the gym, trying to get a good work out in before the weekend, and I'm taking a fucking nap. I was not relaxed. Instead, I was panicking about how much longer it would last, how lazy I was beginning to feel, and how much I had to do after class. I realize this is the exact opposite of how I was supposed to feel. 

Last night, however, I did actually feel relaxed. And despite the heavy breathing, I was not as uncomfortable with my surroundings as I was the first time around. Perhaps this was because I was at an actual yoga studio or because there were no Mexican blankets. But, either way, don't expect me to become a "yogi" any time soon. I can't afford that shit.


  1. Yoga stresses me out. Known fact: my blood pressure is higher when I leave than when I started the class. I'm too bunged up for relaxation. Give me a punching bag and I'll settle down.

  2. i'm with you on the napping. also,the thought of napping under any sort of communal blanket makes me suicidal.

  3. I too dreaded Yoga the first time and tried it a second. That was two years ago. There hasn't been a third. I am afraid of the Three Strikes and "YOU'RE OUT!" mentality! It happened when I tried out for softball and cheer leading in high school and tennis lessons. Yes..LESSONS! Not doing it with YOGA! Plus, I fell asleep the second time and woke up to laughter as I was SNORING! OK, so done with Yoga!

  4. I recently quit yoga after doing it for 12-13 years. I don't miss it. Actually, my next blog post might be about that. Look out for it next week!


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