Friday, September 23, 2011

Winter Is Coming

Since I started watching Game of Thrones, it has consumed 75% of my thoughts. I dream about it nightly. It's one of the three shows I've ever cared about (also including Arrested Development and Always Sunny, which has significantly declined over the past two years). If you don't watch it, let me sum it up for you: It's medieval soft-core porn with bad-ass wolves and massive bloodshed. Also, dragons. This shit is off the chain and I can't even handle it.

I've also developed an inappropriate crush on her:

Now, I know I'm constantly worrying people think I'm a lesbian because I wear glasses, so I probably shouldn't be publicly proclaiming my attraction to a woman, but she fucking births dragons, okay?

Also, when I say I worry people think I'm a lesbian, that's not because I'm a homophobe -- I know there was some confusion about that with my last blog. I love the gays. I'm all about the gays. My own cat is gay:

I'm just hoping that one day a man will be attracted to me enough to marry me and make me his housewife so that I can  bake all day and also not have a job. 

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