Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Thought God Rested

On Wednesday and Sunday nights, the church next to my house screams in Portuguese about Jesus for 4-6 hours. Now, when I say "next to my house," I literally mean directly adjacent to my home, as in right outside my window. As in after the sermon is over, various people are yelling "Carlos!" into my bedroom. I don't know who Carlos is, but he is desired by many. He is also not in my room, so stop asking.

Tonight is Rosh Hashanah, and as a wannabe Jew, I feel entitled to some peace and quiet, but they will not cease. In response to the high-volume gospel, my roommate has developed a dependency on alcohol as she feels it necessary to drink a bottle of wine twice a week just to be able to fall asleep. She wants to file a complaint, but we're not sure if it's socially acceptable to formally complain about a church. However, these people are chanting until 1 in the morning on weeknights and that's fucking absurd. Do you think Jesus wants to be up all night listening to this bullshit? Doubtful. I read the Bible and he specifically said you should pray in a closet--quietly, privately, and not near my house. 

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