Monday, September 22, 2008

While You Were Driving

This morning, my bus suddenly came to a screeching halt causing me to completely fall into the guy standing next to me and touch him in some inappropriate areas. It was kind of like one of those movies where the girl falls into the guy on a bus and blushes and then they start dating and a few weeks down the line one of them finds out that the other has a dark secret so then they get into a fight and then one of them decides to escape from the whole situation and runs off to the airport and then the other one goes to that person's friend and says "Where's that person?" and he/she says "Oh, you didnt hear? That person's moving to [some place located across the country and/or world]. His/her flight leaves in an hour." So then this person rushes to the airport, probably causing a lot of mayhem in the streets of a trendy city, gets there in the nick of time, somehow magically bypasses security (while some innocent mother of three is being frisked because she just happened to be the fourth person in line), reaches the other person just as he/she is about to step onto the plane. Then, they confess their love for each other and decide they can get over the dark secret and they live happily ever after (all with no concern about the fact that one of them spent hundreds of dollars on a plane ticket that will never be refunded). Yeah, it was kind of like that except slightly different: I fell into a small foreign man who said "is okay," blushed, and then made a conscious effort to avoid eye contact for the rest of the ride.

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